Thu, 09/08/2022 - 11:03

Today, 9 September, is World Electric Vehicle Day, which is being held with the aim of raising awareness among the population of the importance of electric mobility and its positive impact on environmental conservation.
We at Endolla Barcelona wish to give our support to this day, which is so important for all the individuals and organisations that promote the use of electric vehicles and help to reduce the volume of greenhouse gases released by conventional vehicles.

We continue contributing to the history of the electric car

EVs have been travelling along our cities’ streets for more than three centuries though the benefits of driving them are becoming increasingly evident.
We at Endolla wish to bring continuity to the history of the EV with the contribution we have made to Barcelona and which we are continuing to work on, to promote the transition to electro-mobility. 
Some of the initiatives we have carried out are as follows:
•    Giving city residents access to our network of more than 650 charging points distributed throughout Barcelona, and achieving more than 8,100 monthly recharges
•    Taking part in various innovation and knowledge exchange initiatives, both at a local and European level, to contribute value to the electro-mobility sector.
•    Launching challenges that innovatively resolve the main problems raised by electro-mobility, to continue being a benchmark in electric and sustainable mobility.
•    Improving access to the smou app adapting ourselves to users’ needs.
•    Working to improve the quality of the air and promote the use of green and alternative transport for travelling in cities.

We’re making every day Earth Day

And we’ll continue working and offering city residents facilities to increase the number of electric vehicles in the city and transform Barcelona into a sustainable city model. 
Happy Electric Vehicle Day!

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