The electric recharging points service

Endolla Barcelona is the network of recharging points for motorcycles and electric cars in Barcelona. Check the map of recharging points and locate the nearest station. With this service you can recharge your vehicle in a convenient and flexible way at different stations in the city.

How does the network of recharging points work?
Descárgate la app smou

Download the smou app

Smou is the mobility app of Barcelona that integrates different services to make it easy for you to move around the city.

Registra tus datos

Sign Up

Create your user account and if you have the electric vehicle card, link it to your user and vehicle.

Activa el servicio Endolla en smou

Activate the Endolla service

Access the smou app, select the Endolla Barcelona service and check the recharging points on the map.


Recarga tu vehículo

Recharge your vehicle

Locate your nearest recharging point in the smou app and reserve it 20 minutes in advance.


Where to recharge my electric vehicle?


Check in smou where the nearest recharging points are, activating the Endolla Barcelona option in the layer selector and choosing the blue or green logo.

Via Pública

Public road

Spot recharge with Schuko connectors for motorcycles and quick recharge with Chademo, CCS and Mennekes connectors for cars.

Aparcaments soterranis

Underground parking

Normal recharge with Schuko and Mennekes connectors for motorcycles and electric cars.

Young girl recharging her electric car

Advantages of having an electric car in Barcelona

  • 75% rebate on the mechanically powered vehicle tax.
  • Free vehicle registration.
  • Free to use VAO lanes.
  • Exempt from paying tolls on motorways belonging to the Government of Catalonia (ecoviaT).
  • Free parking for cars in blue and green AREA parking places, keeping to the maximum parking times and regulated hours. Except for residents’ parking spaces and reserved spaces (people with reduced mobility, administration, bus, police, etc.).
  • A subsidy of 50% is given for installing charging points in buildings built before 1981.

(*) The card does not allow users to park in spaces exclusively for local residents.


Barcelona backs electric mobility

The advantages of electric mobility are particularly felt in three spheres: energy, environment, economy.

  • Energy advantages: greater energy efficiency, reduced dependence on fossil fuels and the integrated use of renewable energies.
  • Environmental advantages: no polluting emissions and less noise pollution.
  • Economic advantages: consolidates an innovative industrial sector, contributes to territorial balance, speeds up the development of smart energy grids and enables connectivity and interaction with ICTs.