Smou is the personal mobility app of Barcelona that allows you to activate the recharging points of electric vehicles in the city and know its location.

Download this app from the App Store on Google Play for free.

Access to the “Services" section on the smou app, activate the Endolla service and associate the registration or license of your electric vehicles to your user.

Get your password again from the app or through You will receive an email explaining instructions you need to follow.

  • Sign up in smou with the same email address you registered your electric vehicle card. This will automatically migrate the card data.
  • Access the user area and select the data you want to migrate.
  • Link the card to your electric vehicle.

For more information, download the manual How to register my electric vehicle card at the following link.

  • Go to the recharging point.
  • Access the Endolla service in the smou app.
  • Scan the QR code of the recharging points.
  • Connect your vehicle using the correct connector.
  • Choose ‘Start recharging’.

And reserve a street recharging point 20 minutes in advance, selecting the recharging point in the map.

Any electric vehicle registered in the smou app that has the Endolla service activated.

The network has four groups of vehicles with their respective points.

  • Normal recharging service for motorbikes: series of points for recharging motorbikes.
  • Fast-recharging service: series of points for recharging cars and vans.
  • Exclusive electric taxi-recharging service (eTaxi): series of points for recharging licensed taxis.
  • Exclusive recharging service for delivery vehicles (eDUM): series of points for recharging electric vehicles used for delivering goods or for professional purposes.

The maximum recharging time depends on the service used:

  • Slow recharging for motorbikes: maximum charging time 2 hours.
  • Fast recharging: maximum charging time 30 minutes (there are two spaces, one for recharging and the other for waiting to charge). Therefore, you have a maximum parking period of 1 hour, 30 minutes for waiting and 30 minutes for recharging.
  • Exclusive eTaxi recharging service: maximum recharging time 1 hour.
  • Exclusive eDUM recharging service: maximum recharging time 30 minutes.

Yes. The energy used for recharging vehicles with this service is currently 100% subsidised.

Contact us directly at 93 937 50 34 or through the Contact section of the Endolla website

Ask for your electric vehicle card in the Endolla website, in the Contact section.

People with a vehicle classified as ‘Zero-emissions’ by the DGT can park for free in the green and blue regulated parking places in the city, subject to the regulated hours in each zone.

And what is more:

  • 75% rebate on the mechanically powered vehicle tax.
  • Free vehicle registration.
  • Free to use VAO lanes.
  • Exempt from paying tolls on motorways belonging to the Government of Catalonia (ecoviaT).
  • Free parking in blue and green AREA parking places, keeping to the maximum parking times and regulated hours. Except for residents’ parking spaces and reserved spaces (people with reduced mobility, administration, bus, police, etc.).
  • A subsidy of 50% is given for installing charging points in buildings built before 1981.

(*) The card does not allow users to park in spaces exclusively for local residents.

Anyone with a vehicle issued with a blue zero-emissions sticker by the DGT.

  • M1 cars: BEV (100 % electric vehicle), PHEV (chargeable hybrid vehicle), REEV (range-extended electric vehicle).
  • N1 and N2 vans and light lorries.
  • M2 and M3 buses and coaches.
  • L6e light quadricycles.
  • L7e heavy quadricycles.
  • L3e motorbikes.
  • L1e mopeds.


Also PHEVs with an electric autonomy of less than 40 km.

The Spanish Ministry of the Interiorthe Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN) of the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area are offering various incentives in the municipalities to promote sustainable mobility, bringing about significant savings.

These initiatives take diferent forms: grants for purchasing vehicles, grants for installing charging points, free tolls, reducing vehicle tax, free parking in green and blue AREA parking places, and more.

For more information on these incentives click here.

All users who have electric vehicle cards from municipalities attached to the "Alliance of Municipalities of Catalonia for the Interoperability of the recharging stations".

Check the list in the following link.

To be able to recharge in the rest of Catalonia, you must request for the electric vehicle card in the Contact section of the Endolla website.

Check the recharge points in the next link.

The main rules:

The user will carry out the action of recharging the vehicle following the instructions reported at the charging point and in the mobile application when it is available.

The user agrees to make a correct use of the recharging points facilities. In the event that the user does not make a correct use, B:SM reserves the right to take the measures it deems appropriate against the user before such improper use of the installation such as the payment claim for the cost of repair of the installation, the claim for damages caused by this improper use, and the final and permanent loss of the user in the recharging service.

The squares available for carrying out vehicle recharges will be used solely and exclusively for this use and for the maximum period established in the vertical signaling of the recharging point.

In case of use of the place outside the established maximum time period, B:SM reserves the right to carry out the necessary actions in order to guarantee its use to other users.

The improper use of the squares may be grounds for sanctioning and / or withdrawal of the vehicle by the Municipal Crane, with the corresponding expenses incurred by the user for this removal service.

B:SM will not be held responsible for any cause that becomes an impediment to the recharging of the user's vehicle, either for technical reasons or vandalism.

The service may require the use of compatible smartphones and the installation of the Mobile Application and Internet access (subject to the connection rates that your provider may apply to which B:SM it is not responsible in any way). Proper use of this mobile support service may require obtaining software updates, so B:SM may require installing and always using the latest version of the Mobile Application.

The full document of "The general conditions regulating the use of the recharging points of the city of Barcelona" is available in the following document.