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In spring, there are more rainy days than at other times of the year, and one of the questions people often ask is whether you can charge electric vehicles under these weather conditions

The answer is clear: there is absolutely no problem charging your car when it’s raining. Electric cars can be charged anytime, regardless of the weather conditions, provided they are connected to a suitable charging point

Electric cars have safety systems designed to protect them against any damage caused by water exposure, which is why they can be used on rainy days. They are equipped with isolation and earthing systems that minimise the risk of hazardous electric charges and prevent humidity from penetrating the car's electric system

Is it safe to use the charging points?

The charging points have also been designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, including rain. The points are made with weather-resistant materials and have a waterproof design that prevents rain from penetrating the car's electric system. 

These systems are also designed to only conduct electricity when there is a physical link between the charger and the vehicle. As soon as one of the ports is lost, the connection cuts out completely, ensuring there can be no external overload. This means that when one of the connectors is disconnected, the flow of electricity is interrupted. Similarly, when water or other liquids are present, the communication protocols ensure it is still safe to continue dispensing energy. 

Ensure the charging cable is correctly connected to the vehicle

To ensure that you are using the equipment properly and avoid any risk, remember that when you use your own charging cable in the Endolla charging point network, you should first plug it into the charging point and then the vehicle. When disconnecting the cable, you should do the opposite: first disconnect it from the car and then from the charger. 

Use the Endolla network for total safety

Use the Endolla Barcelona network points to charge your electric vehicle regardless of the weather conditions. Charge it safely using any of our points: on the street or in BSM car parks

We continue smiling on the planet, even on grey days. 


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