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We’ve already spoken a lot about the benefits of using electric vehicles for the environment compared to combustion engine vehicles. 
But there are other aspects too where electric vehicles offer an advantage over conventional vehicles. One of these is their lower maintenance costs

Advantages of electric cars over combustion engine vehicles 

One of the main arguments for electric vehicles when it comes to maintenance is their engine, which is simpler than a combustion engine. Electric engines lack certain components, such as spark plugs, fuel filters, transmission belts and exhaust-gas treatment systems, so they never experience breakdowns associated with those elements. 
Both fully electric and plug-in hybrids vehicles have energy-saving brake systems. Regenerative braking (which transforms part of their kinetic energy into electricity), means disc-brakes and brake-pads consume less energy than they do in a conventional vehicle. 
In contrast to combustion engine cars which need a clutch to transmit engine power to the gearbox, electric cars have no gearbox and therefore no clutch, thereby doing away with breakdowns relating to clutch and reduction systems

What kind of maintenance does an electric car require?

A key element of an electric vehicle is its battery, which gives it the autonomy it needs. Although batteries deteriorate and have to be replaced over the years (over ten at present), they do not require any maintenance and therefore do not generate any extra costs. Here is some advice for optimising the useful life of batteries and reducing their wear and tear:
-    Prioritise slow charging whenever possible. Excessive rapid charging can shorten a battery's life. Plan your route and create a charging routine by consulting our Endolla charging points network
-    Try not to fully charge the batteries. This can lead to overheating which impairs the car's autonomy
-    Protect the battery from adverse weather conditions. Climate is an important factor that has a direct impact on any battery's efficiency. Temperatures ranging between 20ºC and 40ºC are ideal for energy-storage systems
-    Drive efficiently to optimise the battery's charge: keep the speed down and accelerate gently. 

Stay on top of your vehicle maintenance checks

Don't forget to check all the car's elements, many of which are the same as combustion engine cars (windscreen wiper brushes, steering, tyres, air-conditioning, suspension, etc.,) and check that everything is in perfect condition
If we stay on top of vehicle checks and maintenance, we’ll enjoy greater peace of mind when driving our electric vehicle and we’ll be helping to protect the planet

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