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Endolla Barcelona (BSM) is committed to the future of the city and contributes to its sustainability. To achieve this goal, in December 2019, the network launched a project to develop a basic app to make its charging points more accessible to the general public.

Since the service was launched, the demand for charging points has seen some significant changes, as has electromobility in general, increasing the complexity and performance requirements for the system tasked with managing the network. The management software must adapt to the growing levels in demand and the new emerging features, such as Plug and Charge and Smart Charger. In this context, there is a clear need for a change in management software, which will be integrated with the SMOU app and the billing system.

Improved management of the Endolla network

Given this need, a new central system has been developed to allow for better management and monitoring of Endolla Barcelona’s charging points. This new tool will be integrated with existing charging points, the SMOU application and the Business Central (BC) billing system. There are also plans to eventually integrate it with the energy management solution for BSM car parks to enable smart charging.

Benefits of the new software

Implementing the new software will provide a more efficient and streamlined response to the needs of users, improve their satisfaction  and, in turn, increase demand. This increase will mean a reduction in CO2 emissions, as the mobility/transport sector is the second-largest source of harmful emissions that must be cut over the next decade. At the same time, as an innovative technological solution, it will lay the groundwork for scaling up the project in other cities, allowing other Spanish companies to replicate an economically feasible model for charging electric vehicles. This promotes a solid management model for charging points, allowing for ever greater availability of these points all around the country.

By developing this new management and monitoring software, Endolla Barcelona continues its work on projects to support the general population in the transition to electric vehicles. This initiative will make the operation and management of charging points more efficient and cost-effective, while at the same time improving user experience.


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