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The app smou continues to evolve and presents a new feature that allows filtering, in more detail, the charging points of Endolla Barcelona according to the type of connectors: Chademo, Combo, Mennekes or Schuko.

With this update, smou keeps adapting to the new mobility needs and offers you a tool to make your experience with the app more personalized.

The connectors of Endolla Barcelona

When we talk about charging connectors, we refer to the "plugs" that connect the vehicle to the charging point. Additionally, each connector is specific to a certain power and charging mode. Currently, in the Endolla Barcelona network, you can find 4 types of connectors:

  • The Schuko is the plug that we usually find in household appliances. In the Endolla network, you can find it at the B:SM Car Parks, and you will also find it at the street points for recharging motorcycles, as it is the most common one for electric motorcycles.
  • The Mennekes connector is the European standard. 3.6-kilowatt Mennekes connectors for cars and motorcycles are available in the Barcelona de Serveis Municipals car parks. You can also find Mennekes connectors with power of up to 22 kilowatts at on-street fast charging stations for cars, where you can charge enough energy for a range of up to 65 kilometres in 30 minutes.
  • The Chademo is a connector for fast recharges. It is common in Asian electric car models. You will find it at the street charging points for cars, and you can charge enough energy for a range of 100 km in 20 minutes.
  • The Combo or CCS is common in American and European markets. It results from the combination of the Mennekes standard connector adapted for faster car charging. At the Endolla points located on the street, you can charge enough energy for a range of up to 100 km in 20 minutes.

Recharge your electric vehicle in Barcelona

Use the Endolla network with smou. We explain you how to do it here
Go to the Endolla network to look for the appropriate connector for conveniently and easily charging your electric vehicle. Make an informed choice about the charging option you need at any time and remember to use the slow-charging option for regular charging.

We continue working so that you can move more and better.

Download smou from App Store or Google Play


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