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Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM) is taking part for the first time in the Tomorrow Mobility World Congress (TMWC), which is being held from 15 to 17 November at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via site. 
During the fair, B:SM is presenting some of the current challenges in terms of mobility in big cities, such as the transformation of car parks into mobility services centres, solutions for last-mile goods distribution and the smart rollout of the public electromobility network. 
Endolla Barcelona was actually the protagonist of the second day of the fair. The B:SM stand hosted a round table looking at the strategy to support citizens with the rollout of electric mobility, highlighting the innovative projects and public-private collaboration initiatives currently in progress. The participants in the session were Redha Zetchi, Manager of New Mobility at Barcelona de Serveis Municipals; Joan Hinojo, CEO of Circontrol; Francisco Vallecillos, managing partner at EVECTRA and Eva Arderius, head of news at Betevé, as the moderator. 

Endolla launches a pilot project to schedule vehicle recharging

The session included a presentation of a pilot project to schedule the recharging of electric vehicles using the network of B:SM car parks and making the most of hours when the demand for energy is lower. Part of the eCharge4Drivers programme and within the context of the “Horizon 2020” research and innovation programme, this initiative corresponds to Endolla Barcelona’s twofold aim of supporting the rollout of sustainable electromobility and fostering innovation projects which focus on challenges such as the smart and efficient management of energy.
For this trial, users can choose if they wish to recharge their vehicle immediately or schedule a recharge. If choosing the latter, they need to indicate the day and time they intend to pick up the vehicle and the desired charge level in the battery. This way, the vehicles will be recharged during off-peak hours, in other words at times when the demand for energy is lower.
Besides contributing to a more efficient use of energy, the recharging of vehicles during off-peak hours means monetary savings for Endolla Barcelona users. The current pricing policy for the service already incentivises use at times when energy consumption is lower.

The Endolla network leads the rollout of electromobility in the city

Endolla Barcelona acts as a stimulus to drive the increase in the use of electric vehicles, developing a recharging infrastructure which anticipates demand and helps the sector to develop.
There are currently 6.5 points per km2 distributed throughout the city’s neighbourhoods, with one charging point for every 11.4 electric vehicles and a service availability of 98%.
Nearly a hundred new charging points have been added in 2022. This brings the total number of points in the city to 703 at the start of 2023.



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