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The Innovation 2030 programme is Barcelona’s commitment to speeding up sustainable and social urban innovation as a basic tool for achieving the 2030 Agenda. The goal is to meet the needs and demands of the city and its residents in an open and collaborative way.

The challenge of reducing the environmental footprint

 The first challenge the programme was launched under was to reduce the environmental footprint of the technology sector in response to the climate emergency.

This challenge sought technological solutions for measuring and reducing the footprints of public and private companies in the technological sector (especially SMEs and startups), bearing in mind the life-cycle stages of the products and services they offer.

Having won this innovation competition, Awesense was then selected to help Endolla Barcelona to continue moving forward in electricity-consumption optimisation.

Digital technologies are helping the environment

Awesense has helped to develop a smart energy-management system that provides information on energy demand and consumption at Endolla network charging points . The goal is to reduce the environmental impact to zero emissions.

Provided with data by B:SM on electric charging in the Endolla network, the Awesense team analysed the consumption of the chargers, during rush hours in particular, and prepared a report informing B:SM of the growth margin for each facility analysed.

This collaboration highlighted the importance of studying data to optimise digital technologies without a high environmental cost.

Mischa Steiner, the CEO of Awesense, made the following statements regarding this participation:

“We are delighted to offer Barcelona an additional vision of its electric-vehicle charging infrastructure. It’s a great example of the power of data to enable a more accurate view of the analyses. We hope this project benefits city residents and improves their access to the electric-vehicle charging infrastructure in the near future”.

Marta Labata, the CEO of B:SM, also explained the benefits of carrying out these challenges to continue promoting electro-mobility in the city:

“This collaboration is a further example of the leadership that Endolla Barcelona aims to exercise in the city. B:SM is working to help the city’s residents with the transition to electric vehicles through the development of a charging network located in every neighbourhood, although it is also helping to develop and find solutions to future challenges such as smart energy management. Alliances such as Awesense’s, based on knowledge exchanges, innovation and added value, are strategic.”

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