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The alliance between B:SM and the Volkswagen brand will make it easier for potential buyers to receive all the information about the operation of the Endolla Barcelona charging point network and other additional services such as AREA regulated parking and the B:SM parking network from the same dealer.

The Endolla Barcelona network, available to everyone

As a result of this public-private partnership, people interested in purchasing an electric vehicle will have at their disposal the map of the Endolla Barcelona charging points both in outdoor areas and in the B:SM car parks as well as the ways in which they can sign up to the Endolla electric vehicle charging service. This information will also be available on a web page where you can consult the information at any time
With this collaboration, we want to provide solutions to the challenges posed by driving this type of vehicle in large compact cities, such as Barcelona, where the installation of charging points linked to homes is complicated in some areas of the city.

Barcelona, a leader in e-mobility in Southern Europe, with Endolla

With more than 650 charging points widely distributed throughout the city, Endolla Barcelona is the largest public e-mobility network in Spain. In 2022, Endolla will continue to grow with the launch of around fifty new points with an investment of 600,000 euros. 
There are currently 6.5 points per km2 distributed throughout the city’s neighbourhoods, with one charging point for every 11.4 electric vehicles and a service availability of 97%. These figures, added to the rest of the public use points, make Barcelona the second European city with the most charging points per km2, after Stockholm, and the fourth in terms of number of points per resident, preceded by Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.
With the desire to contribute to a sustainable and efficient energy transition, 75% of Endolla Barcelona's charging points are located in the B:SM car parks, a fact that frees up public space and promotes planned charging during off-peak hours off the urban road, offering an efficient network to people who do not have charging points at their homes or workplaces. The remaining 25% of the points on the street are fast charging to promote sporadic, unplanned and low-occupancy uses of public space.
Endolla Barcelona continues to work to make all its charging infrastructure available to citizens and make Barcelona a model of a sustainable city.

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