Tue, 02/02/2021 - 14:09

The network of recharging points is expanding more and more throughout the city of Barcelona, offering a comfortable and efficient service and promoting a responsible use of the energy.

43 new recharging points have been recently inaugurated, one on the street and the rest distributed in the 12 BSM car parks. With these new points, the network is expanded to 555 operating points distributed throughout the city.

Map of 43 new recharging points in Barcelona - Endolla


Endolla Barcelona is committed to a transition to 100% sustainable mobility. As a result, a tariff system has been created to provide a good maintenance of the service, expand the network of points around the city and manage the energy consumption of recharges in a more intelligent and sustainable way.

From now on, people that use the Endolla service, whether they are particulars or professionals, whether they make regular or sporadic use of the service and recharge on the street or in BSM car parks, can choose the payment method that best suits their needs.

The new Eco annual subscriptions offer to regular users discounted prices in order to encourage usual and planned recharges in the most sustainable schedule of general energy consumption, ranging from 0.22 € / kWh to 0, 40 € / kWh depending on the schedule or type of load.

Check the payment methods with more detail in the Rates section of the website.