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We already know the environmental benefits of driving an electric vehicle and reducing the pollution caused by traffic in large cities. Besides cutting harmful emissions in the atmosphere and sound pollution, electric vehicles also offer advantages, already discussed, when it comes to travelling around the city. You will find them in this article.

Electric-vehicle versus fuel-combustion-vehicle consumption

One of the other advantages to driving an electric car is that its  battery-charging costs are much lower than a conventional vehicle’s fuel costs. We also know that electric engines are four times more energy-efficient than fuel-combustion engines.
To provide you with a clearer understanding of these savings, we’ve compared the price and energy needed by an electric vehicle to cover a 100 km distance with price and quantity of litres of petrol and diesel required by a fuel-combustion car.  
Our calculations took account of the average price of fossil fuels at petrol stations in 2022 and the average price of kWh with the EcoFriend subscription offered by the Endolla network for electric vehicles.

What are the respective costs of recharging an electric car and refilling a combustion-fuel car?

   Price   100 km    Amount  
Diesel/petrol   €1.77 / litre  6 Litres   €10
Endolla Average price kWh  €0.31 / kWh  17 kWh   €5.3


Respective prices per km of an electric car and a combustion-fuel car

The fuel consumption of a conventional vehicle (6 litres per 100 km) represents a cost of roughly €10. This is a much higher cost compared to the average consumption of electric cars (17 kWh per 100 km), which comes to around €5.  The costs can be even more economical if we take advantage of the night-time rates of Endolla subscriptions, where we would pay €3.74 to travel that same distance.

Endolla Barcelona makes it easy to switch to an electric car

Travelling by electric vehicle clearly represents significant savings in consumption, yet another reason for switching to these types of vehicles
Endolla Barcelona’s goal is to make it easy for city residents to access a public network of electric-vehicle charging points.
The year 2022 saw the price of electricity practically double compared to 2021. Despite that rise, we have frozen Endolla’s rates to help this transition

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