Wed, 08/05/2020 - 12:49

Seven new points are added to the Endolla network

The 5.000 users registered with the Endolla Barcelona service in smou now have 500 active recharging points for motorbikes and cars at their disposal: 367 points in B:SM network car parks (194 for cars and 173 for motorcycles) and 133 on the public highway (with 23 points for cars and 110 motorcycle-specific points).

The addition of the latest seven electric car and motorcycle recharging points to the Endolla network means Barcelona retains its leading position in developing electric and sustainable mobility, providing a high-quality service and ensuring coverage in every part of the city.

What’s more, Endolla Barcelona has been part of the European project eCharge 4 Drivers since last June. This is a pilot programme involving 10 countries that seeks to improve the electric vehicle recharging process in order to encourage their use and implement innovative measures.

Finally, in order to promote sustainable mobility habits, Endolla Barcelona has added a new section to its News section, the Eco Space, to explain a variety of topics relating to environmentally responsible habits. Check the ECO Space and catch up with the latest news related to sustainable mobility!

And remember to download the smou app and if you already have an electric vehicle card, link it to your account to enable the Endolla Barcelona service!