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You can make a habit of saving energy when charging your electric vehicle, helping you to promote environmental care and keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. 

Make the most of charging 

Below are five recommendations for saving energy when charging your electric vehicle.

1. Check and review your tyre pressure

Having the right tyre pressure reduces not just the power your vehicle need for moving but also, as a result, the amount of energy require for recharging it and its use.

2. Plan your journeys

Planning your route well, without detours, will make your energy consumption more efficient, leading to savings when it comes to recharging the vehicle on the road.

3. Optimise your vehicle's performance 

Drive efficiently, by activating Eco mode for city driving, and save up to 15% in energy. What is more, regenerative braking technology will enable your electric car to go further on a full charge.

4. Schedule your charging times

Given the engine temperature and energy accumulator in electric vehicles, we recommend you charge your battery once the vehicle has stopped for a while, to save charge energy.

5.  Heat or cool the car (as applicable) before use

Moderate use of heating or air conditioning will ensure your electric car does not use any more energy than necessary. Preparing your car before you recharge it will prevent energy wastage and save energy during the recharging process.

Opt for the Endolla service's most sustainable rate

The Endolla network guarantees efficient use of the city-wide charging-point infrastructure, thereby boosting energy self-sufficiency and promoting electric mobility. 

Choosing the rate best suited to your needs and using the network properly to keep the charging points in good condition will help you save energy and improve your electric car's performance in the city.

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