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The atmospheric pollution in big cities is increasingly considered to be a public health problem, related to the development of various physical illnesses, as well as also having social consequences.

Implementing new global sustainable mobility strategies, such as reducing the number of polluting vehicles in big cities and increasing the use of green or alternative public transport services, makes it possible to increase the physical and social benefits for the population.

 6 social benefits of suistanble mobility

Economic alternatives of transport affordable for people

Sustainable mobility can increase more economical transport services such as bicycles that are alternatives to conventional vehicles (cars and motorcycles), affordable for people.

Means of travelling for elderly people

Greater accessibility to green public transport (buses, trams, metro, etc.), enabling elderly people to travel more frequently, without having to depend on private cars.

Reducing the number of accidents on our roads

Reducing the number of vehicles on the roads and fostering other ways of moving around, such as electric shared vehicles can reduce the number of accidents on our roads.

Better social communication

Electric vehicles can reduce noise pollution that can cause problems such as isolation or the inability to communicate.

Better knowledge about time management

Alternative means of travelling, such as walking or cycling, can help people to manage their time better, reducing travelling times and favouring time dedicated to social relationships.

Promote quality of live

Developing greener urban plans with less polluting traffic and more open spaces thereby improving the quality of people’s lives.

In conclusion, there are different benefits that show us how accessible sustainable mobility helps to reduce environmental impact and improves people’s daily lives. This way of understanding travel in the city is essential for mobility in big cities to be sustainable, fair, equitable and healthy for all.

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