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One of the main emission sources of pollutants into the atmosphere are engine combustion vehicles and the benefits of switching to electric vehicles to protect and promote a healthier, greener climate are becoming more and more evident.

In this article, we explain a number of the environmental benefits offered by driving electric vehicles.

4 environmental benefits of driving electric vehicles

1. Zero CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

Electric vehicles are the only zero-emission vehicles in terms of propulsion and therefore, they release less pollution when driven and thus help to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

2. Less acoustic pollution

As they do not use combustion engines, electric vehicles make much less noise, improving our quality of life and reducing the stress factor generated by noise. 

3. Less maintenance and use of polluting coolants

Electric cars use less components and moving parts than combustion-engine vehicles, meaning they need less maintenance and do not need engine oils or coolants that are harmful to the environment.

4. Better energy efficiency

In terms of energy, electric vehicles are more efficient than internal combustion engines While combustion engines have an energy performance of 27%, the energy performance of electric engines is around 75%.

Improvements to electric vehicles providing for more environmental benefits

There are actions that can contribute even further to achieving better air quality and reducing the pollution generated by transport. 

Looking for alternative components in electric car batteries, giving them a second life or using renewable energy to produce the electricity used at charging stations are all changes that can benefit the environment further still. 



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