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Electric motorcycles are one of the easiest and most comfortable ways of getting around the city, their size and accessibility making them a sustainable transport option for our daily urban journeys.

These days, the electric motorcycles on the market have smaller batteries with greater capacity, power and autonomy. They are a major factor for reducing noise and air pollution in big cities.

How do electric motorcycles work?

Electric motorcycles are powered by an electric motor. This type of engine is lighter and cleaner than traditional internal combustion engines and does not generate waste

Batteries for electric motorcycles are usually made of lithium and can be recharged directly at charging points. Mechanically speaking, electric motorcycles motors are simpler than combustion engines, so maintenance is easier, cheaper and less frequent.

How many kilometres of autonomy has an electric motorcycle got?

Electric motorcycles circulating in Barcelona typically have a range of around 50 kilometres. This is the ideal distance for getting around the city

It’s worth noting that the autonomous range of mopeds is conditioned by various factors: the weight of the moped and the load, speed, weather conditions and orography of the route for the journey.

How can you increase the range of an electric motorcycle?

 Here are some tips on getting more autonomy from the battery on your moped:

•    Look after the battery from the start. Complete charging cycles correctly to avoid battery deterioration. 
•    Protect it from extreme temperatures. Heat and cold can both have negative effects for the autonomy of batteries. 
•    Ride smoothly and without braking hard. This will help prevent your battery running down considerably. 
•    Choose an efficient route. The best route is one which doesn’t require many changes in speed.
•    Don’t carry excessive weight on the moped, as the motor needs more power to work, using more energy as a result.

Discover recharging points for electric motorcycles on the Endolla network

You’ll find Schuko connectors for recharging your electric motorcycle on the Endolla network. Check our map of recharging points, where you’ll find 124 points providing service in streets and 186 providing service at 40 B:SM car parks.  
The maximum power of this type of connector is 3.6 kilowatts, and by recharging using the Endolla network, an electric motorcycle can obtain enough energy to provide autonomy of 50 kilometres in two hours.

Getting around on this type of electric vehicle can contribute to more sustainable mobility, reduce the environmental impact and improve people's physical and emotional health.

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